First Alert 2 in 1 Smoke Detector

We all should be having at least a smoke detector in our home, and at least in every bedroom. The problem is that they are all sound alarms. There are specialized smoke detectors that have built in strobes, or hardwired strobes connected to the smoke detectors.

There are smart detectors that works with smart home. They will sound the loud alarm as usual, as well as doing anything you want it to do.

  • Trigger any smart lights you want, to any colour you want.
  • Turn off fans plugged to smart plugs to stop air circulation.
  • Turn off your furnace or A/C.
  • Unlocks the smart lock on your door.
  • Send messages to your phone if you are not at home.
  • Almost anything else you want.

Let’s be safe!

Information on ordering through here will come shortly!

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