Smart Buttons!

With smart buttons, you can do a LOT of things! You can use it to toggle anything, you are not limited to only lights. You can use it to control:

  • Smart Lights
  • Smart plugs (fans, coffee maker, table lamps, TV, pumps, heaters, etc)
  • Door locks
  • Send a message to anyone
  • Or even do several of those at once.

Many smart buttons have more than 1 function. They can have 3 different button actions in one button. (Single click, double click, and hold). The SmartThings button also has a fourth extra function, temperature sensor! You can use the temperature sensor inside it for additional automation!

One good example of using a smart button is to have it next to your family member who needs your help or supervision. A push of a button will toggle the light for them while staying in bed. A double click might do something else, such as toggling a fan if they’re feeling hot or cold. A hold, can turn all the lights in your house to a certain colour to call your attention if they need help, plus send a message to your phone just in case you did not see your lights because you might be outside.

The possibilities you can use with a SmartThings smart button or similar are many! You are not limited to just lights!

Published by Ross LaVallee

Deaf, smart home enthusiast. Plays around with smart home technology to see how much can be squeezed out of it to benefit the Deaf / Hard of Hearing community for accessibility uses.

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