Flashing lights to make sure I do not overheat my cast iron pan!

I love using my cast iron pan, and after cooking and cleaning, we have to dry and season our pan. While I have been good at making sure I turn the stove off and season it well, once or twice I have been doing other errands such as washing dishes or cleaning off the dining table, that I left the cast iron pan on a hot stove too long to the point it was smoking excessively.

Ever since I realized I can use smart lights to help me, it has never happened again! I set an automation with smart home that once I tap on a dashboard (Hubitat Dashboard was shown here), it triggers a 2 and a half minute timer. (due to the fact that the cast iron pan on my stove is always consistently starting to slightly smoke at 2 minutes and 40 seconds, when I turn off the stove and then season it with a little vegetable oil) After 2 and a half minutes, the lights will flash. If I am not already ready at the stove, it will for sure remind me and then I will be at the stove, ready to turn it off and season it.

Another example of how smart home can help you with automations! Use it as a timer for whatever errands you need that has a consistent time, and all it takes is a simple push of a button (or electronic with a dashboard on a display) to start it.

Published by Ross LaVallee

Deaf, smart home enthusiast. Plays around with smart home technology to see how much can be squeezed out of it to benefit the Deaf / Hard of Hearing community for accessibility uses.

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