Example 6: Someone in bathroom?

Has this happened to you before? For us people with hearing loss, we sometimes see a bathroom door closed, we are not sure if someone is there. Sometimes people close the door while there is no one there. How do we know? It has happened to almost everyone, that we walk into someone in the bathroom by accident! For those who are Deaf, how can we call out and hear someone in there?

Fortunately, using smart lights can help! Have a light outside the bathroom turn on when it’s in use, without having to pay for expensive hardwired lighting! If the light outside is turned on, you know someone is there!

Aeotec (Samsung) Multipurpose Sensor

Those multipurpose sensors are very versatile! While the obvious uses of it would seem to be for detecting when doors opens or windows open, they do have many other uses! It also has a vibration sensor, orientation sensor, and temperature sensor.

The nice thing about those, is that you can use one to monitor more than one thing at a time. This saves you so much money rather than buying several different sensors for each purpose.

Examples of contact sensors: Opened doors, windows, etc

Examples of vibration detection: Your phone vibration, door knock, laundry dryer completing its cycle

Examples of orientation detection: Garage door, mailbox door

And the great thing about using a multipurpose sensor is that you can use one sensor to monitor several things at the same time. You are not restricted to using one at a time. Example: Cold basement. Have the contact sensor to trigger lights when you enter a laundry room, but that same sensor can be used to monitor basement temperature to toggle heat to warm the basement up!

Be smart!

Real life example of a situation!

So something just happened recently. While I was working out, a few smart lights came on suddenly and red in colour. In this household, red is reserved only for serious situations that require attention immediately. While I was working out, some of the lights turned red. I paused my workout, and checked out the situation and as it turned out, the toilet in the basement bathroom was leaking water, and the water leak sensor was triggered immediately. I was able to immediately turn off the water to the toilet to stop the leak and prevent any damage. I finished my workout, and then fixed it.

If it wasn’t for my water leak sensor, who knows how long it would have been leaking before we realized it, and avoid any potential damage!

Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switch

Inovelli Red Series Switches are amazing devices!

Not only does it control light as a standard light switch, but it can do a lot more than just that. They’re not your everyday old wall switches!

It has 13 possible button presses, basically an equivalent of having 4 regular smart buttons that’s capable of a click, double click and hold, all in one.

It has a LED strip light to show the brightness of the dimmer setting, but it is also able to notify you of anything else, which can make a great notification for Deaf people.

  • Door left open?
  • Garage left open?
  • Someone in bathroom?
  • Weather warnings, such as rain coming?
  • Motion detected in one of your motion sensors?
  • Or hundreds of other uses!

All that can make your LED strip either come on a solid colour of your choice, flash, fade on/off, or chasing.

It’s a pretty powerful little switch! I’ve discussed it all in my ASL video along with some real life examples!

Smart Buttons!

With smart buttons, you can do a LOT of things! You can use it to toggle anything, you are not limited to only lights. You can use it to control:

  • Smart Lights
  • Smart plugs (fans, coffee maker, table lamps, TV, pumps, heaters, etc)
  • Door locks
  • Send a message to anyone
  • Or even do several of those at once.

Many smart buttons have more than 1 function. They can have 3 different button actions in one button. (Single click, double click, and hold). The SmartThings button also has a fourth extra function, temperature sensor! You can use the temperature sensor inside it for additional automation!

One good example of using a smart button is to have it next to your family member who needs your help or supervision. A push of a button will toggle the light for them while staying in bed. A double click might do something else, such as toggling a fan if they’re feeling hot or cold. A hold, can turn all the lights in your house to a certain colour to call your attention if they need help, plus send a message to your phone just in case you did not see your lights because you might be outside.

The possibilities you can use with a SmartThings smart button or similar are many! You are not limited to just lights!

Smart Home ideas #3: Scheduling reminders for school/work

Sure, the smart lights can come on and off automatically based on schedules, some examples:

  • Morning / sleep routines
  • Lighting the driveway
  • Lighting the backyard / patio
  • Living room to simulate presence at home when no one is home

But hey, you could even use the light schedules to turn specific colours, to remind your kids to get ready for school, without your constant reminder to get ready!