Example 8: Left garage door open

It happens to the best of us! Maybe you forgot to close the garage door? Or had it open during the day while doing errands in your backyard or barbecuing, and then went inside, not realizing the garage door is still open. You can set any notification to remind you that it is open. It does not have to be flashing lights, or anything annoying, but subtle enough to catch your eye. In this example, I used Inovelli red series switch that turns on the lights for my dining room area but it also has a LED strip that will glow white if the garage door is open.

It is also possible with smart home automations that if you are ready to go to sleep, the notifications can become even more obvious. Such as closing back door, and when it’s dark, more lights can flash to try to warn you about the garage door is still left open.

It doesn’t have to be just garage doors, it can be anything, to help you be aware of what’s happening around your house. Another example: back door isn’t closed when you guys are getting ready to go to bed? Windows aren’t closed? Your imagination is the limit!

Products used here: Smart home hub, Inovelli red series switch, and smartthings multipurpose sensor (used as an open/closed sensor).

Published by Ross LaVallee

Deaf, smart home enthusiast. Plays around with smart home technology to see how much can be squeezed out of it to benefit the Deaf / Hard of Hearing community for accessibility uses.

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