Aeotec (Samsung) Multipurpose Sensor

Those multipurpose sensors are very versatile! While the obvious uses of it would seem to be for detecting when doors opens or windows open, they do have many other uses! It also has a vibration sensor, orientation sensor, and temperature sensor. The nice thing about those, is that you can use one to monitor moreContinue reading “Aeotec (Samsung) Multipurpose Sensor”

Real life example of a situation!

So something just happened recently. While I was working out, a few smart lights came on suddenly and red in colour. In this household, red is reserved only for serious situations that require attention immediately. While I was working out, some of the lights turned red. I paused my workout, and checked out the situationContinue reading “Real life example of a situation!”

Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switch

Inovelli Red Series Switches are amazing devices! Not only does it control light as a standard light switch, but it can do a lot more than just that. They’re not your everyday old wall switches! It has 13 possible button presses, basically an equivalent of having 4 regular smart buttons that’s capable of a click,Continue reading “Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switch”

Smart Home ideas #3: Scheduling reminders for school/work

Sure, the smart lights can come on and off automatically based on schedules, some examples: Morning / sleep routines Lighting the driveway Lighting the backyard / patio Living room to simulate presence at home when no one is home But hey, you could even use the light schedules to turn specific colours, to remind yourContinue reading “Smart Home ideas #3: Scheduling reminders for school/work”