Flashing lights to make sure I do not overheat my cast iron pan!

I love using my cast iron pan, and after cooking and cleaning, we have to dry and season our pan. While I have been good at making sure I turn the stove off and season it well, once or twice I have been doing other errands such as washing dishes or cleaning off the diningContinue reading “Flashing lights to make sure I do not overheat my cast iron pan!”

Inovelli Red Series Fan and Light Switch

Could we automate your “dumb’ ceiling fan with light? We sure can, with Inovelli’s red series fan and light switch. You can turn them on manually by tapping the switch as normally, but you can also have it be automated. Have the fan come on automatically when the A/C turns on. Or have the lightsContinue reading “Inovelli Red Series Fan and Light Switch”

Smart Home aren’t just for automating lights

One of the common misconceptions that I’ve recieved are that smart homes are just automating lights. But it is a lot more than just lights. Automate your power outlets Turn on fans, pool filter pump, appliances automatically Automate your thermostat Turn the thermostat automatically based on where you are If it got cooler outside quickerContinue reading “Smart Home aren’t just for automating lights”

Aeotec (Samsung) Multipurpose Sensor

Those multipurpose sensors are very versatile! While the obvious uses of it would seem to be for detecting when doors opens or windows open, they do have many other uses! It also has a vibration sensor, orientation sensor, and temperature sensor. The nice thing about those, is that you can use one to monitor moreContinue reading “Aeotec (Samsung) Multipurpose Sensor”

Real life example of a situation!

So something just happened recently. While I was working out, a few smart lights came on suddenly and red in colour. In this household, red is reserved only for serious situations that require attention immediately. While I was working out, some of the lights turned red. I paused my workout, and checked out the situationContinue reading “Real life example of a situation!”