Schlage Z-wave Smart Deadbolt

Using a smart door deadbolt can be useful to automate your locks. With the Schlage smart door deadbolt, you can use keys, keypad or smart home to automatically unlock/lock your door. If you are away on vacation and need someone to check on your home sometimes, you don’t need to make a copy of theContinue reading “Schlage Z-wave Smart Deadbolt”

Using smart home to help my dog in need

For the past month, my dog Penny has been struggling with her health. She had an emergency surgery and after that, she’s struggling with incontinience. Overnights, she sometimes will come in our bedroom to whine, waking my hearing wife up to let her outside, or she will wake me up to take her out. ButContinue reading “Using smart home to help my dog in need”

Be notified when your clothes are done being washed or dried!

Are you aware that laundry machines makes a beep sound when it completes its cycle, letting hearing people know it’s finished so they can go do laundry immediately. We cannot hear that, but we can use smart home things to help us. We can have lights flash for a number of things, but you canContinue reading “Be notified when your clothes are done being washed or dried!”

Flashing lights to make sure I do not overheat my cast iron pan!

I love using my cast iron pan, and after cooking and cleaning, we have to dry and season our pan. While I have been good at making sure I turn the stove off and season it well, once or twice I have been doing other errands such as washing dishes or cleaning off the diningContinue reading “Flashing lights to make sure I do not overheat my cast iron pan!”

Inovelli Red Series Fan and Light Switch

Could we automate your “dumb’ ceiling fan with light? We sure can, with Inovelli’s red series fan and light switch. You can turn them on manually by tapping the switch as normally, but you can also have it be automated. Have the fan come on automatically when the A/C turns on. Or have the lightsContinue reading “Inovelli Red Series Fan and Light Switch”

Smart Home aren’t just for automating lights

One of the common misconceptions that I’ve recieved are that smart homes are just automating lights. But it is a lot more than just lights. Automate your power outlets Turn on fans, pool filter pump, appliances automatically Automate your thermostat Turn the thermostat automatically based on where you are If it got cooler outside quickerContinue reading “Smart Home aren’t just for automating lights”