Plugging your vehicle to keep it from freezing in cold weathers

We plug in the car in very cold weathers, to prevent it from freezing so that we can still start it, right? We typically use timers for the block heaters because we do not need to plug it in 24/7. Only a few hours are enough to thaw out the engine and battery so weContinue reading “Plugging your vehicle to keep it from freezing in cold weathers”

What is Matter

You may have heard about “Matter” when it comes to smart home technology. It is a new standard for smart home, that is supposed to help remove the long standing issue – that there are still many smart home products that do not work with others. There are hundreds of smart home products that willContinue reading “What is Matter”

Schlage Z-wave Smart Deadbolt

Using a smart door deadbolt can be useful to automate your locks. With the Schlage smart door deadbolt, you can use keys, keypad or smart home to automatically unlock/lock your door. If you are away on vacation and need someone to check on your home sometimes, you don’t need to make a copy of theContinue reading “Schlage Z-wave Smart Deadbolt”